The term "rough construction" refers to the initial phase of constructing a building, which involves building its load-bearing structure or frame. This process encompasses various elements such as foundations (including formwork, rebar, and pouring of concrete), construction of walls, slabs, reinforced concrete floors, load-bearing walls (equipped with anti-earthquake washers), columns, beams, brickwork, stairs, staircase landings, chimneys, shafts, lift shafts, and roofing. Each of these elements requires specific steps such as formwork, reinforcing with rebar, and pouring concrete.

The rough construction phase commences once excavation work is completed, along with the necessary preparations for construction, such as reinforcing the pit and the surrounding terrain, drainage systems, fencing, and ensuring the safety of the construction site. Temporary buildings, including storehouses, worker accommodations, lavatories, and sanitary facilities, are also constructed. Additionally, a temporary water supply, sewage system, power supply, and access road to the site are established.

Our team comprises skilled engineers, builders, and technical supervisors who are well-prepared to undertake the rough construction of any building, starting from laying the foundations up to the roof installation. We possess specialized equipment, machinery, and extensive experience, enabling us to work efficiently and deliver high-quality results. Furthermore, we are committed to sourcing and providing the best materials to ensure the longevity and durability of the constructed building. When we hand over the building at the rough construction (shell) stage, we guarantee that you will receive a superior end product of exceptional quality.

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Our rough construction service saves you time and money. We specialize in designing and constructing various structures, including buildings, garages, carports, and barns. While metal structures have advantages, we work with different materials to suit your project. Our experienced team uses cutting-edge technology and equipment, ensuring high-quality and safe construction. By choosing us, you can achieve your construction goals while enjoying cost and time savings. We prioritize attention to detail from design to completion, tailoring each project to your specific needs. Our efficient construction process and expertise in handling different materials guarantee timely project completion within your budget. We are committed to delivering outstanding results and value for your investment. Trust us to create a top-quality structure that exceeds your expectations.

Save time and money

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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